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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q - What is an intervention?  What is its objective?

    A - An intervention is a compassionate and usually effective attempt to interrupt the addiction or depression cycle and steer the person to professional help. The intervention process,as appropriate, involves family, friends,employers or co-workers and enables the person involved to accept much needed help and create a better life for themselves.

  • Q - Why is it desirable to conduct an intervention?

    A - Other attempts have failed

  • Q - Can a family or employer do an intervention without professional guidance?

    A - This is not recommended and is often counterproductive.

  • Q - How much time will be required of the participants in the intervention?

    A - Usually only a few hours over the course of a few days. Much of the preparation can be accomplished by telephone and email prior to the actual rehearsal and intervention.

  • Q - How long does an intervention last?

    A - Approximately forty-five minutes to an hour.

  • Q - How many people participate in the intervention?

    A - Seven to nine people is ideal.

  • Q - Do we rehearse what is going to happen and the role of each person at the intervention prior to the intervention?

    A - Absolutely, and in detail.

  • Q - How much does an intervention cost?

    A - The cost should be discussed and agreed to at the time of the first telephone conference or communication with interventionist.